Redneck handle bar risers.

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Redneck handle bar risers.

Postby Triangles » Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:39 pm

Ever since I got my Vulcan 500 LTD 3+ years ago, I've been tempted by the idea of handlebar risers making it more comfortable. I couldn't justify the expense for something that I didn't know if I would even like. After having an unpleasant experience with the only company that I could find making them the decision was made as I would never give any money to that company. Fast forward a couple years and it was gnawing at the back of my mind so I went out and bought the following:
- (1) M10 x 1.25 tap and drill bit.
- (2) 2" pipe nipples 3/4" diameter
- (4) 3/8" fender washers
- (2) 3/8" couping nuts x 1 1/4" long (in hind sight I should have gotten the 2" long coupling nuts)
- (2) 3/8" nylock nuts
- (2) 3/8" x 2" long bolts.

I simply drilled and tapped half of the coupling nut with the metric thread, put the coupling nut on the handlebar studs, installed the pipe nipples as spacers, threaded the nylock nuts all the way on the 3/8" bolts, fed the bolts thru the steering stem and into the coupling nuts. Wallah! Unsafe dirt cheap redneck handlebar risers!
And a few more picts for good measure.
I'm not sure if it was placebo effect but sitting on the bike felt more comfy as did a quick ride around the block. I rode 60 miles today to see if I like it enough to do a more professional/permanent handlebar riser job. The jury is still out. The sitting position is more comfortable however my head being further back is now in the turbulent zone behind the windshield (bobble head effect). So guess I need to reposition the windshield. I'm just not sure which way to go with it. It is up as high as it can go and tilted back as far as it can go. hmmm.....

Without modifying cables/brake lines you probably couldn't go much more than 2.5" Just under 2" would be a minimum rise to accommodate room for threads to bolt to the handle bars. If I go forward with this I will find some metric coupling nuts and machine some aluminum spacers to cover the nuts. Aluminum polishes up nicely. I'd love to simply machine the threads into some aluminum round stock, but there wouldn't be enough threads in the aluminum to instill much confidence that they wouldn't fail. I've searched high and low to find M10x1.25 coupling nuts to no avail. So I've given up on going this route. I have another idea floating in the back of my head. If it works I may even offer to make some if there is interest. Unfortunately It will be back burnered for till probably late winter. My EFI project and Honda PC800 restoration take priority at the moment. I should have a progress update soon on my EFI project!

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