Lemon Pledge. The ultimate motorcycle detailer.........

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Lemon Pledge. The ultimate motorcycle detailer.........

Postby Turbojoe » Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:40 am

I've had my 500 since May '11 and have washed her only once. Since I learned on the web about using the same Pledge we've been using on our furniture for generations not a drop of water other than rain has hit my baby. This stuff is awesome! I wipe down the paint, chrome, windshield, leather saddlebags etc. etc. etc...... The only thing I don't wipe is the seat. (I don't want to be sliding around due to the slippery surface.) I still have some of what I think may be discontinued Orange flavored Pledge spray AND wipes. Once these are gone I'll be using the lemon flavored version. I have tried the lemon and the ONLY difference seems to be the fragrance. I still get the same protection. This is GOOD stuff and cuts cleanup time down to mere minutes.

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