2008 VULCAN 500

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2008 VULCAN 500

Postby prusso78 » Mon Dec 17, 2018 4:36 pm

Just picked up a 2008 Vulcan 500 in great shape(aesthetically and mechanically) with 4k miles on it for $1500. New to Kawasaki and very new to Vulcan(owned Hondas but not in the last 12 years). I think I got a smoking deal but who knows... anything I need to know right off the bat being a Vulcan 500 owner? Thanks! Very Exciting.

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Re: 2008 VULCAN 500

Postby bikerbill » Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:25 pm

Congratulations on the new-to-you bike.

Regarding what to do: do a full maintenance. Change the fluids and check the valves at a minimum. If the tires are more than six years old seriously consider replacing them.
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Re: 2008 VULCAN 500

Postby prusso78 » Wed Dec 19, 2018 9:58 am

Thanks!! Haven't been on or worked on a bike in almost 15 years. I'm 40 now lol so I definitely needed one hahahahaha. I'm even going to take the safety course this time around and not be a jerk! Riding at 25(on active duty) on a sport bike is a lot different than riding a small cruiser at 40 I would imagine. I saw this gem, wasn't ready to buy, but wanted a VULCAN 500 in particular and when the guy said 2008 with 4k miles $1500.00 and I had it looked at and given a clean bill of health..... i was sold.

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Re: 2008 VULCAN 500

Postby Triangles » Thu Dec 20, 2018 2:43 pm

You don't need motorcycle specific oil I use Rotella 15W40 because it has high zinc content that supposedly helps protect the valvetrain. But really any 10W40 will work just fine. If you search on here there is a list of standard automotive filters that you can use to save some cash. I do my oil early every 3k miles just so that I now every other oil change it's time to check the valves. Also it doesn't really matter What coolant you use as long as you don't mix incompatible coolants. I use a HOAT coolant, Zerex G05 because that's what my car took. I've also used Peak Global (wife's toyota takes it, also a HOAT) At least these two coolants are compatible with each other so I just used whatever I have on hand. Since you have to drain the coolant to check the valves and coolant is so cheap I just change my coolant every 6000 miles that I check the valve since it doesn't make sense to me to reuse the coolant I just drained. I'll second checking the date code on the tires. If those are 10+ year old original tires they aren't safe!!! Even if they look good rubber hardens with age and as such it's grip reduces. A couple hundred bucks on new tires is a lot cheaper than the medical bills and bike repairs if you happen to go down from riding on old tires with no grip. Last thing I recommend is getting yourself a chain oiler to dramatically cut down your chain maintenance. IIRC the cheapie I have is called loobman and it works wonders. Oh yeah congrats on the new bike.

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